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The National Science and Technology Council has conducted the Survey of National Science and Technology Activity annually since 1981 to illuminate the state of R&D activities, facilitate international comparisons, and provide the government with guidance for drafting S&T policies. Apart from being compiled and published as the Indicators of Science and Technology, Taiwan, the survey's results are also published as an electronic version on the NSTC web site for use by industry, government, academia, and the research community. The OECD has incorporated statistics from the Indicators in its Main Science and Technology Indicators (MSTI) database since 2001. Furthermore, the NSTC has gradually improved its survey and statistical methods in recent years in order to ensure that the Survey complies more closely with international norms. Statistics are now classified in accordance with OECD standards, the corporate survey has been extended to all industries, and a survey of doctoral students' participation in R&D activities has been conducted.
This edition of the Indicators contains four major parts. The first part analyzes the country's R&D input and output trends, and compares Taiwan with the world's leading countries. The second part presents comparative statistics concerning international R&D and related activities. The third part presents statistics concerning S&T activities in Taiwan, including different sectors' S&T funding and manpower inputs, the government's S&T and R&D budgets, S&T outputs, and data concerning the country's science parks. In addition, this part also includes R&D funding classified by socioeconomic goal; this data is published for the first time this year after many years of data collection and review of data stability. The fourth part is and appendix containing an explanation of the survey, the survey questionnaire, and a comparison of the OECD's and Taiwan's industry classifications.