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    Data Update Date: 2023/01/31

YearOrganizationsProject Applications
Approved projects
Requested funding
(NT$ Million)
Approved funding
(NT$ Million)
Tunghai University547.603.50
Fu Jen Catholic University14420.602.51
Soochow University321.331.11
Tamkang University759.985.18
Chung Yuan Christian University8118.961.70
Feng Chia University8111.710.90
Chinese Culture University756.432.98
Asia University306.390.00
Chang Jung Christian University000.000.00
Yuan-Ze University8421.848.78
Da-Yeh University100.740.00
I-Shou University4210.227.67
Chung-Hua University000.000.00
Nanhua University301.830.00
Taipei Medical University19942.7822.25
Kaohsiung Medical University7314.439.85
Tatung University110.550.70
Providence University411.900.48
China Medical University15648.4923.54
Chung Shan Medical University413.190.26
Chang Gung University10515.576.05
Tzu Chi University110.260.44
Chaoyang University of Technology301.690.00
Hsuan-Chuang University100.310.00
Fo-Guang University101.200.00
Mingdao University000.000.00
Ming Chuan University100.740.00
Shih Chien University103.100.00
Aletheia University000.000.00
Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science100.610.00
Southern Taiwan University of Technology507.200.00
Kun Sang University of Technology000.000.00
Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology315.600.79
Hungkuang University000.000.00
Tainan Technonolgy University000.000.00
Fooyin University000.000.00
Jin Wen Institute of Technology000.000.00
Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology525.311.43
Lunghwa University of Science and Technology9422.263.71
Mingchi Universituy of Technology626.552.72
Vanung University000.000.00
Ling Tung University100.450.00
Yuanpei University of Science and Technology000.000.00
Cheng Shiu University213.320.50
Chien Kuo Technology University000.000.00
Chung Hwa College of Medical Technology000.000.00
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages000.000.00
Mei Ho Institute of Technology000.000.00
Asia Eastern University of Sclence and Technology000.000.00
Chihlee University of Technology110.270.38
TakMing University000.000.00
De-Lin Institute of Technology000.000.00
Nan Kai University of Technology103.000.00
Chang Gung University of Science and Technology313.030.80
Ching Kuo Institute of Management and health110.930.50
Shu Zen College of Medicine and Management000.000.00
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center100.600.00
Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research000.000.00
Food Industry Research and Development Institute000.000.00
The World Vegetable Center000.000.00
Development Center for Biotechnology000.000.00
National Health Research Institutes3217.8514.20
National Applied Research Laboratories5460.9148.67
Taipei Veterans General Hospital315.352.03
Taichung Veterans General Hospital000.000.00
Veterans General Hospital-Kaohsiung, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan000.000.00
Kaohsiung Military General Hospital, Ministry of Defence000.000.00
Kaohsiung Kai-Suan Psychiatric Hospital000.000.00
Tainan Municipal Hospital000.000.00
Cathay General Hospital000.000.00
Mackay Memorial Hospital101.430.00
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital000.000.00
Changhua Christian Hospital000.000.00
Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital000.000.00
Sein Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital000.000.00
Lo-Tung Pohai Hospital000.000.00
Chi-Mei Foundation Hospital000.000.00
E.C.K. Hospital000.000.00
Show Chwan Health Care System100.910.00
Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center000.000.00